Mel Gagarin Is Running for Congress
Melquiades Gagarin is a Queens native, a community organizer, a policy advocate, a father of three, and a punk rocker running for Congress in New York’s Sixth Congressional District to fight for you.About Mel >

Policy for the People
Mel advocates for a government that puts people before politics, human interest above corporate greed, and the needs of the many above the benefit of the wealthy and powerful.Read Mel’s Platform >
Housing is a human right and guaranteed affordable housing should be a national priority.Read More >
Our elders are owed respect and dignity in their golden years, regardless of their or their family’s financial circumstances.Read More >
Climate change is the defining challenge of our time. A Green New Deal is not only a possibility, it is now a necessity.Read More >
Healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and it’s time to focus on the American people and their health over the profits of billion-dollar corporations.Read More >
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